Womens Only


Carrying a gun is different for everyone including women. Our women only classes are focused more on the female side of carrying a gun. We cover the use of carry purses as well as other concealable holsters. We put emphasis on not being a victim and the challenges women face in everyday life. 

Use of Deadly Force

We go over when you can and cannot use a gun, taser(ECD) or pepperspray and ways to avoid getting into these situations.

Family Protection

A distracted mother with her children is very susceptible. This course covers the mindset and planning to keep you and your family out of harms way.

Situational Awareness

Learn how to reduce the risk of being targeted and stay out of risky situations. 

IWB/OWB Drawing

We will teach you how to draw out of an Inside The Waistband holster as well as an Outside The Waistband holster. We use marking ammo indoors against plastic silhouette targets.

Bag/Purse Drawing

Learn how to use a conceal carry specific purse or bag.