What is Weapons Craft?

Weapons Craft is

A collaboration of classes that combined, will take someone who knows nothing about firearms and get them to a level where they can pick up almost any gun and use it effectively. This also includes why, when and how to defend themselves and loved ones. Our goal is to have well rounded Armed Responsible Citizens.

How It Works

Classes are 1 Hr long and scheduled three days a week with five classes per day. You can take as many classes as you would like in any order. You may also take the same class as many time as you would like. Our hope is that you take them all and increase your confidence in what we call Weapons Craft. 

Who we are

We currently have two instructors.

Josh Vogel- 4 Years USMC Infantry, Force on Force Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer.

Rob Hanosh- NRA Certified Instructor for the following disciplines.

-Basic Pistol

-Personal Protection in the home

-Chief Range Safety Officer

U.S. Training Center Armorer

Mossberg 500/590 Certified Armorer

Glock Certified Armorer

Colt 1911 Certified Armorer

Colt AR-15/M-16 Certified Armorer

Andrew Braun- 

CCW instructor

Room Clearing Instructor

4 years USMC