Use of Popular Weapons


These classes are to familiarize yourself with most commonly owned firearms. Our goal is to get you to disassemble and reassemble guns that require no tools to do so. As well as load, unload and fire rifles, shotguns, semi auto pistols, revolvers and lever action rifles. This is to prepare you to be able to competently use almost any firearm put in front of you. 

Semi Auto, Bolt and Lever Action Rifles

This class covers assembly, disassembly, loading and unloading  and firing of most different types of rifles.

1 Hr Class


Shotguns covered are semi auto, pump, and break action. 

1 Hr Class

Semi Auto Pistols (Hammer and striker fired)

Striker and hammer fired pistols, as well as pistols with safeties and decockers are covered in this class. 

1 Hr Class


This covers loading, unloading and using single and double action revolvers.  This includes hammer less and other types of revolvers.

1 Hr Class