Mindset Training


Knowing how is important, but in these classes we discuss more about why. Why your body does what it does as well as the mechanics behind shooting techniques. These are guided open discussions that build up the mental side to the rest of the classes. 

1 Hr Class


What is the difference between being aware and hyper vigilant? Paranoid or cautious? We talk about this and other topics like the cost of being unnecessarily alert and what fear induced stress does to your mind and body.

1 Hr Class

Types of Carry and Defense Guns.

This is an overview of your options as far as type, model, caliber and other equipment needed for ever day carry as well as home or vehicle defense.

1 Hr Class

Being Prepared

What can you do to give yourself a fighting chance in case of a major event. We will not focus so much on what can happen, but the basics of what you can keep in your home and vehicle to help out for the "Just In Case" event.

1 Hr Class

Warrior Mindset

Having a deep understanding of yourself is important when carrying a gun. Why you carry as well as when to or not to act are decisions you will have to make. This class will involve situational role playing and open discussions about different ways to handle confrontations as well as why we carry.

1 Hr Class

Meet and Greet

This is an open environment to meet other students or gun owners and talk about anything. Bring a friend or make new ones. We want our students and customers to come together. 

Home Defense

There are many things to consider when your home is invaded. We discuss Castle Doctrine, Home Defense guns and tactics for defending you and your loved ones. 

Room Clearing Fundamentals

This is the class room portion of our Room Clearing Course. This is the first step in the course. (Our Room Clearing Course is educational only and is not applicable for employment or any other purposes.)

Use of Deadly Force

We will cover Use of force and how it applies to conceal carry.