Weapons Handling

Drawing Inside and Outside the Waistband

We go over the different types of carry holsters, where to carry them and how to use them. 

1Hr Class

Drawing Ankle/ Pack/Purse

Drawing from unconventional carry locations can have its benefits and draw backs. We cover how to use CCW purses, ankle holsters and carry bags. 

1 Hr Class

Drawing under extra layers

This class covers the differences of drawing with a coat or jacket over your gun. 

1 Hr Class

Drawing with Movement

After you get used to drawing your gun, we cover the next steps. Standing still is not a good idea, we will show you different things that will give you the advantage. 

1 Hr Class

Reloading a Handgun

This course covers the basics of reloading a pistol from a belt held magazine.

No/Low Light

We cover the use of a free hand or weapon mounted flashlight in the home and every day situations.