Armorer Classes


All of the following classes will teach you how to disassemble, assemble, maintain and trouble shoot firearms. All classes listed are 1 Hr long.

1911 Frame

1911 Slide

AR-15 Lower

AR-15 Upper

Glock Frame

Glock Slide

Mossberg 500/590 Part 1

Mossberg 500/590 Part 2

Remington 870 Part 1

Remington 870 Part 2

AR-15 Build Upper

(using your own parts)

AR-15 Build Lower

(using your own parts)

AK Build

Must provide a receiver and parts kit.

Reloading Pistol Ammo Part 1

Reloading Pitol Ammo Part 2

AK Armorer Part 1

AK Armorer Part 2